Criminal Law

Criminal Law

Our firm understands that being charged with a crime not only affects the person accused but also is stressful to their family and loved ones.  We pride our practice in educating those accused along with family members and loved ones on the various processes involved regarding the criminal justice system. Our attorneys handle misdemeanors, felonies, federal crimes, and appeals. Our attorneys combined have experience in over 100 jury trials and various hearings before the court.

At the Davis Law Group you will find an experienced criminal lawyer who defends you aggressively when you are charged with a crime.  Mr. Davis and his firm are among the top Texas criminal law lawyers.  When you or one of your loved ones has been charged with a criminal offense, there is no substitute for excellent legal representation.

Protecting your rights

You deserve to have your rights protected when accused of any crime, including—

·         Drug offences

·         Larceny

·         Domestic violence

·         Embezzlement

·         Weapon possession

·         Sex crimes

The Dallas, Texas criminal attorney of The Davis Law Group provides the best legal strategy for your circumstances.  This starts by saying nothing until you have contacted a Texas criminal law lawyer.

Texas criminal law attorneys

The criminal attorneys with The Davis Law Group have the in-depth experience with the criminal legal system you need if you are facing any of the following criminal issues:

  • Drug charges related to possessing, growing, manufacturing, trafficking, or distributing any type of banned substance require Texas criminal law attorneys who know how both local and Federal drug cases are prosecuted.
  • Domestic violence charges.  It is vital to have a tenacious defense lawyer by your side if you have been falsely accused.
  • DUI (Driving Under the Influence) is a serious offense.  Make sure your Texas criminal law attorney focuses on drunk driver defense law, including DMV administrative procedures, Administrative License Suspension (ALS) rules, and Administrative License Revocation (ALR) laws.
  • White collar crime, such as racketeering or organized theft, can entangle innocent people in its web.  It is critical that your criminal law attorney knows how to free you from this complex financial web of lies.

Juvenile crime.  Make sure your lawyer understands how to counter the built-in societal stereotypes that can lead to unfair treatment by the legal system.